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If you're fascinated by this magical art, look no further. I've designed the perfect beginner's course.

—Dick Smith

Basic Course

With Dick Smith’s Basic 3-D Makeup Course, you’ll learn core skills without going to a special effects makeup school

You’ve dreamed about a career in Special Effects Makeup but you’re not sure where to begin. And you don’t have the time right now (or the big bucks) to attend a traditional makeup school so…

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How do you get there from here?


  • Learn the core skills of special effects makeup with a home study program designed by makeup legend Dick Smith.
  • Create a complete prosthetic makeup with the help of easy step-by-step instructions and video.
  • Have an Academy Award-Winning Makeup Artist from our faculty critique your finished project and advise you.
  • All for the (ridiculously low) Tuition of $375.00 plus the cost of materials!!!
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So now you’d probably like some details on taking this exciting first step toward your dream career…

Dick’s Basic 3-D Makeup Course teaches you the primary, essential form of makeup that a special effects makeup artist must know: how to transform an actor’s face three-dimensionally with prosthetics. Old person, alien, or corpse, the only limit is your imagination!

Here are the 5 basic technical and artistic steps you’ll learn:

  1. Making a life mask of the actor/model.
  2. Designing and sculpting your creation on that life mask.
  3. Making molds of the clay features you’ve created.
  4. Casting flexible prosthetic pieces from these molds.
  5. Gluing your prosthetic pieces onto your live model and coloring them to bring your creation to life.

Your finished project will be assessed by one of our ACADEMY AWARD-WINNING FACULTY. This advisor will discuss your strengths and areas that need improvement with specific suggestions to achieve that improvement.

A traditional makeup school might charge you thousands of dollars for such one-on-one individual guidance from an Academy Award winner but our students get this great deal on tuition because Dick personally trained many of the profession’s top artists. Now these loyal friends are continuing his teaching tradition.