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If you're fascinated by this magical art, look no further. I've designed the perfect beginner's course.

—Dick Smith

Basic Course Enrollment Form


  • Please fill out the form below. The basic course costs $375.00US
  • This course is available to everyone regardless of prior makeup or sculpture experience.
  • Note that tuition does not include materials.

All students are required to abide by the Terms of Enrollment that follows. Fill out the brief Enrollment Form and let PayPal zap us your (ridiculously low) tuition fee of $375.00 USD plus shipping. It’s that simple to begin making your dream a reality.

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If I don’t need the Basic Course materials anymore, I agree to return them to Dick Smith Enterprises or to destroy them.


I understand that the information presented in the Basic 3-D Makeup Course regarding materials and techniques, while believed to be effective and harmless, is not to be taken as a warranty, express or implied, for which Dick Smith Enterprises LLC assumes legal responsibility. Because the preparation, handling and application of the materials described in the Basic 3-D Makeup Course are beyond the control of Dick Smith Enterprises LLC, I understand that Dick Smith Enterprises LLC can accept no liability for the results obtained.