The Power and the Glory – 1961

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Laurence Olivier as a failed Mexican priest fleeing persecution. Olivier wanted to look part Mexican, so Dick gave him foam rubber lips (his first attempt) glued on with spirit gum, wider nostrils and filled in the inner part of his eye sockets. Taping took 7 days averaging 20 hours each! Of all actors, Olivier was Dick’s idol. A sample of Olivier’s unique kindness is shown in this quote from a note he sent Dick in 1981: “Nowadays, being lazy as well as ancient, if I get an offer, an event that is less and less frequent, I’m inclined to say, ‘Is there any makeup? If so, don’t bother to send me the script!’

Time was when I was never happier than applying a makeup that could take me up to 4 1/2 hours. I suppose that I would not mind being you, with a particular genius for laying it all upon other faces, but I don’t want to lay it on my own anymore. But, I would be so pleased to give you the doubtful privilege, if only to see you again.”

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