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Note: The Advanced Professional Makeup Course can only be ordered through this website.

Email images of your work to

IMPORTANT Guidelines for submitting photos:

  • Please send whatever photos you can to help us gauge your skill level.
  • We need to see your prosthetic work. Also sending corrective and beauty makeups is fine, as well as paintings and drawings. You might also include progress photos of molds or sculptures.
  • Do not send photos that are more than 1,000 pixels across.
  • Send 5 photos or less per email. Otherwise they will not come through. Multiple emails are fine.
  • Save your images as .jpg files, not as a .pdf or Powerpoint presentation.
  • Name each photo something unique. If you name them all “photo” or “image,” they will overwrite one another when they are saved to your student file.
  • Attach the images to your submission email. Compressing them as an archive is fine.

Please include the following information:

  • Name
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  • Phone number

You’ll be notified when you have been accepted. Once you’ve been accepted, return to this page, fill out the Enrollment Form and click Submit. Note: All students are required to agree to and abide by our Terms of Enrollment. You can purchase the entire course for $1,995.00 USD plus shipping or one third at a time for $665 USD plus shipping.

We look forward to having you as a student and helping you to achieve your dream!

Please allow 4 weeks for the delivery of your course.


I agree not to copy or reproduce, in whole or in part, Dick Smith’s Advanced Professional Makeup Course, or let anyone else do so.

I agree not to loan the Advanced Course to anyone, sell it, or provide it to anyone for free.

If I don’t need the Advanced Course materials anymore, I agree to return them to Dick Smith Enterprises or to destroy them.


I understand that the sale of the Advanced Professional Makeup Course is limited to persons interested in practicing the profession of makeup and who agree to the above Terms of Enrollment.

I understand that the information presented in the Advanced Professional Makeup Course regarding materials and techniques, while believed to be effective and harmless, is not to be taken as a warranty, express or implied, for which Dick Smith Enterprises LLC assumes legal responsibility. I agree to thoroughly test any application of materials or techniques and independently conclude that the results are safe and satisfactory. Because the preparation, handling and application of materials described in Dick Smith’s Advanced Professional Makeup Course are beyond the control of Dick Smith Enterprises LLC, I understand that Dick Smith Enterprises LLC can accept no liability for the results obtained.
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