About Dick Smith Makeup Training

Dick Smith Special FX Makeup Training is an education company founded by makeup legend Dick Smith. We specialize in special effects makeup instruction for both beginners and professionals.

Dick changed the profession of special effects makeup forever. His technical innovations set the standards for the industry he led for over half a century and his peerless artistry inspired generations of makeup artists.

But Dick’s fame does not rest solely on his pioneering work in makeup. He is also revered in the global community of makeup artists for training many of today’s most accomplished artists, some of whom run the world’s most prestigious Hollywood and international labs. This role as educator remains one of Dick’s enduring legacies.

Dick left us in 2014 but his great tradition of training superb makeup artists lives on.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive training programs in special effects makeup available. Our home study programs accommodate students who either cannot afford to attend a bricks-and-mortar makeup school or who cannot leave home to attend one. Our programs are inclusive of all students who are motivated to learn and determined to follow their dream of entering this exciting profession.

Dick Smith in the 1960's