Advanced Course Subjects Covered

The Advanced course covers every topic you need to know to learn the art of make effects. You can purchase the entire course at once or in three separate volumes. The course includes:

  • 700 pages of illustrated text in 23 lessons. For a list of contents see below.
  • Online help from top Hollywood makeup artist Andrew Clement, founder of Creative Character Engineering.
  • DVD of Dick’s classic application of his Abraham Lincoln makeup.
  • Extensive collection of reference photos for sculpture.
  • The opportunity to acquire the ultimate career door opener: Dick Smith’s Certificate of Merit.

The Lessons

  • Preface
  • Intro and Business
  • Safety
  • Life Masks and Body Molds
  • Gypsum Materials and Mold Making
  • Sculpture Techniques and Materials
  • Latex and Foam Latex
  • Foam Latex Part 2
  • Silicone Appliances
  • Molding and Casting Materials
  • Dentures, Eyeballs, Lenses
  • Bald Caps
  • Hair and Hair Pieces
  • Aging and Character Makeup
  • Appliance Makeup
  • Makeup Effects
  • Special Effects Makeup
  • Dummy Heads and Boddies
  • Mechanical Masks and Puppets, Part 1
  • Mechanical Masks and Puppets, Part 2
  • Mechanical Masks and Puppets, Part 3
  • Remote Control, Fluid Power and Programming

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