Basic Course FAQ

No travel expenses required! You’ll learn from the Master’s instructional materials and our Academy Award-winning faculty in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.
Yes, we have students as far away as Japan and New Zealand.
No catch; the answer is very simple and quite beautiful. Dick personally mentored many of today’s top makeup artists and so now these friends, out of love and gratitude for their teacher, want to pay him back by helping him to train the next generation of master artists.

No, materials must be purchased separately by our students. We provide a complete list of everything you’ll need.

About $350 if you live in the U.S.; more if you need international shipping.

It varies from person to person, but generally about three weeks of full-time study (40 hours per week) or six weeks part-time.

When you complete the Basic Course by producing one finished prosthetic makeup, you’ll take pictures of it and email them to the address provided in your course materials. We will then contact you to schedule your consultation.

There’s no rush, no time pressure to complete this beginner’s course; you have up to two years from your date of enrollment to submit your finished project for a critique and analysis. So work on it when it is convenient and enjoyable for you so that you’ll produce your best effort.